Wednesday 25 April 2018

My holiday in: Colombia

Kate O'Brien (8)

Where I went

I went to Colombia with my mum and dad and my brother JP who is nine. We went for my Uncle Chris's wedding to Lamilo, who is Colombian.

We flew to Bogota for two nights. There was a lot of traffic and people.

What we did

We met Lamilo's mummy and daddy. They were very nice and looked after us very well. Then we went south to Girardot where we had an amazing swimming pool at our villa. We had a golf buggy instead of a car.

After five days we flew to Cartagena. It is a very old city with cannons on the walls.

We visited Tayrona national park and slept in a hut in the rainforest.

What I liked

The beaches were beautiful and we loved playing in the sea. The last thing we did was take a boat for a day trip to the Rosary Islands where my brother and I got to swim with dolphins.

At the wedding I did my Irish dancing.

What I ate

The most interesting thing I ate was tamal which is rice and vegetables inside a big banana leaf.

What I didn't like

The only thing I didn't like was the sound of the bugs in the rainforest. I was scared of them.

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