Friday 23 March 2018

My Holiday In: Canada

Luke Walsh (aged 10)

Where I went

My mam, dad, two brothers, my grandad Jimmy, my cousin Shane and I went to Canada for three weeks. We stayed in my aunty Frances' house just outside Toronto. They had a great pool in the back garden.

We also went to stay with my mam's cousin Patricia in London, Ontario, in a small town called Lucan. It is named after the town in Dublin. It was a great place to stay because there were children my age and there were lots and lots of acres there.

They had a pool, quad bikes and a trampoline.

What we did

We went to Wonderland and on the biggest rollercoaster in Canada called the Behemoth. We went to water parks and played golf. We went on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.

We swam in Lake Huron. We played football and hurling on the beach. We went to the top of the CN Tower.

We fed chickens, cows, dogs and cats. We saw 'Toy Story 3'. We roasted marshmallows at the campfire.

What we ate

We ate lots of salad and my Dad's lovely burgers and sausages listening to the sound of water flowing in the pool. We also ate lots of Tim Hortons' doughnuts.

What I liked best

The best part of my holiday was being around my family, playing in the pool, feeding the animals and seeing the CN Tower and Niagara Falls.

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