Friday 20 April 2018


What is it: Country.

Where is it: Squashed in between Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania, with a coastline on the Adriatic.

Population: 625,000.

First became popular with the jet-set: A tourist destination since the 1980s, but didn't really take off until the last decade, once the Balkan wars were concluded. Its spectacular landscapes and seascapes have earned Montenegro tonnes of awards from travel writers, and the cherry on top came in 2006, when the latter parts of Casino Royale were filmed there.

Famous visitors: Daniel Craig (right), Peter Mandelson, Eddie Jordan, Novak Djokovic.

High point: Casino Royale. One of the best Bond movies ever, and Montenegro looked gorgeous.

Low point: When Angelina Jolie said her daughter Shiloh had "Montenegro style", about the little girl's taste for tracksuits and daft hats.

Did you know: Banker Nat Rothschild recently flew in palm trees from Uruguay and placed them around a purpose-built pool for his 40th birthday party in the port of Tivat.

What to say: "One Daniel Craig, please, shaken not stirred."

What not to say: "They should bring back the old Communist regime."

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