Sunday 17 December 2017


What is it: City-state.

Where is it: The French Riviera.

Population: 36,000.

First became popular with the jet-set: Monaco has always been loved by the great and the good -- even Greek god Hercules passed by this way. It's been a mecca for high-end gambling since the mid-19th century, and still relies on this, and tourism, for most of its income. Not forgetting the annual Grand Prix, which also draws celebs like wasps to honey.

Famous visitors: Lewis Hamilton, Jennifer Lopez (left), Brangelina, Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton.

High point: The marriage of Irish-American icon Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier in 1956. The event was covered around the world, establishing Grace as one of the first real global celebs and Monaco as a smoking-hot destination.

Low point: It was revealed this year that Prince Albert would have to undergo a paternity test -- mere days after marrying another woman.

Did you know: Princess Stephanie -- Albert's sister -- had two children by her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet before a one-year marriage which ended when he was caught naked with a former Miss Topless Belgium and kicked out of the palace by Rainier.

What to say: "Is that Omar Sharif over there at the bridge table? Still a handsome man."

What not to say: "Who's the daddy, Albert?"

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