Friday 23 February 2018

Lots more of the same in 2012, please

Here we are -- another year. I usually hate New Year's Day as it involves a certain amount of taking stock. However, in the case of 2011, it was a pretty good year.

I did a lot of travelling -- hitting three different continents and even got to see Ireland play -- and better, win -- in Andorra.

My son started school, and even though he got off to a rocky start by being called to the head's office on the second day (one particular record nobody else in his extended family has ever bettered) and then broke his foot a few weeks later, by the time I got the end-of-term report his teacher had nothing but praise for him.

And as for his nativity sheep -- it was an absolute triumph.

The year gone included a couple of occasions when I remembered that I am not dead from the waist down. And indeed, a couple when I recalled that I'm not dead from the neck up either! (Conversations with small children may be sweet but they are not always intellectually stimulating.)

I lost weight! OK so I also lost my son and had the worst 15 minutes of my life, ever, until he was found again.

Mind you, I think that event, which happened last spring, gave me a more positive outlook in general.

When I considered all the hideous alternative endings that particular episode could have had, I realised that as long as the young master and I are both healthy everything else is gravy.

Although I had more than a few nasty shocks last year I also had more than my fair share of happy surprises.

So instead of taking my usual stance and worrying about what lies in store, I'm actually looking forward to it.

Happy New Year!

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