Wednesday 12 December 2018

Lisa Cannon's New York: 'We ate Robert in de Niro's restaurant... Matt Damon and Bruce Springsteen eat there'


Presenter Lisa Cannon
Presenter Lisa Cannon

Sarah Caden

I've been to New York more than 10 times, and I lived there while I was in college, so it's a city where I hit the ground running. My husband Richard and I just went there for New Year's. We got an amazing price on a Norwegian Airlines flight, so it was as cheap to go there as down the country for the weekend.

We did a house swap with a friend and basically recreated the film 'The Holiday'. We were up in 58th Street, just around the corner from The Plaza hotel, so we could go there for a nice glass of Champagne.

We ate the first night in Locande Verde, Robert de Niro's restaurant in TriBeCa. Amazing Italian tapas. They said The Edge had been there two nights earlier, and that Matt Damon and Bruce Springsteen eat there. But it's a place you could dress up for, or just go in your jeans.

We went out to local diners for breakfast - waffles, pancakes, the whole nine yards. It was a gastro break, I suppose, because it was minus-10C most days, and too cold for the usual sightseeing.

I booked my favourite restaurant for New Year's Eve - the 21 Club. All the celebs have dined there, and films like One Fine Day and Wall Street have filmed there. It's like the Trocadero on steroids.

We managed to fit in ice-skating in Central Park. It was very much the iconic New York experience. Then we warmed up in a cafe with coffee and cake. It was just really nice, wandering around, but we were very well wrapped-up.

Lisa Cannon is brand ambassador for Weight Watchers Ireland

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