Wednesday 18 July 2018

Lightning strikes Boeing 737 plane preparing for take-off

Dramatic footage captures the moment direct lightning strikes a Delta Airlines plane about to take off in Atlanta / Jack Perkins

Incredible video shows the exact moment a lightning strike hit a plane while on a runway in Atlanta.

The Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900ER was to be queuing for take-off when the bolt of lightning hits the top of the plane near the tail.

According to Jack Perkins, who shot the video, said his plane was grounded because of the severe weather and he took the footage to show his wife just how bad conditions were when the strike happened.

The plane was carrying 111 customers and six crew when the lightning bolt hit, according to Global News.

However, thanks to some clever engineering, any damage to the aircraft or injury to passengers and crew was avoided.

Watch this video to see the lightning strike the plane.

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