Sunday 17 December 2017

Irish skies are smiling: Northern Lights sparkle as far south as Cork

Inishowen Aurora

Northern Lights over Malin Town. Photo: Bren Whelan, Wild Atlantic Climbing
Northern Lights over Malin Town. Photo: Bren Whelan, Wild Atlantic Climbing
Black Mountain, Inishowen. Photo by Bren Whelan of Wild Atlantic Way Climbing (
The Northern Lights backlight a sculpture of Macnannán Mac Lir in Co. Derry. Photo: North Coast Snapper (@northcoastsnap on Twitter)
Northern Lights photographed in Cork, by Rónán McLoughlin of Aurora Alert Ireland
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

The Northern Lights lit up Irish skies last night, with some spectacular images circulating on social media today.

Kaleidoscopic photos were snapped in several locations throughout Northern Ireland and, in some cases, even as far south as Co. Cork.

"Last night's amazing aurora borealis was one of the best shows in years," says Bren Whelan, of Wild Atlantic Way Climbing.

Several key factors aligned to facilitate the Icelandic' display, including clear skies, no moon, and an aurora spectrum reading peaking at KP7, Whelan said.

"The show was seen all across Inishowen, the four corners of Donegal and even down as far as Cork, where Rónán Mc Laughlin of Aurora Alert Ireland captured the display(see image gallery above and tweets below)," he added.

Whelan's photos show the aurora above Blackmore Mountain and Malin town on Donegal's Inishowen Peninsula (see above), but as our gallery of tweets (below) shows, the Northern Lights put on a show to remember elsewhere, too.

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