Sunday 15 September 2019

Ireland's most hilariously awful holiday photos... starring you!

From bizarre selfies to blurry portraits, sensationally bad panoramas to the Incredible Sneezing Boy, we invite you to sit back and enjoy Ireland's worst travel snaps.

Camera shakes at Christmas...
Camera shakes at Christmas...
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

We asked you to submit your worst holiday photos, and boy did you deliver. Here are our Top 5 entries, including the winner of a fab city break in Kilkenny's Pembroke Hotel.

1st Place: The Incredible Sneezing Boy

james sneezing.jpg
The Incredible Sneezing Boy.

Aw bless. We love this boy. Just as Michelle Duffy Rudden clicked the shutter button on a glorious May day in 2012, he sneezed. The family were on their way home from a camping trip in France, stopped in Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow to stretch the legs, and snapped this beauty.

Her son’s sense of timing wins the family a two-night break in the Pembroke.

Best of all though, Master Rudden is cultivating a habit. “He has a knack of sneezing in photos,” Michelle says. “He did the exact same thing on another trip to Sligo in 2011.” Bless you!

james sneezing 2.jpg
And again... aah-choo!

2nd Place: Camera shakes at Christmas...

sister visiting daughter, australia.JPG
Camera shakes at Christmas

Mike Ryan sent us this photo of his sister’s visit to her daughter in Australia back in Christmas 2012. Who hasn’t suffered camera shake at precisely the wrong time? We especially love the fact that the shake in no way undermines the photo’s essential merriness.

It may even make it... erm, merrier. Go you Ryan girls!

3rd Place: Get off your phones!

Damo, Tinder (2).jpg
Get off yer phones!

Who wouldn’t sympathise with Damo, snapper of this tech-savvy snap.

“My attempts to take a picture of my two friends against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset were hampered by their inability to get off Tinder!”

Jeez, lads. Come on.

Highly Commended: Epic panorama fail...

photo, panorama attempt.JPG
Come back, hand!

So you’ve got this fancy smartphone. It has a whizz panorama function, which enables you to take stunning 180-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Except it doesn’t. At least, in the hands of the brave Vivienne Kavanagh it doesn’t. From the title of her email (‘Holiday pic fail’) to the smiley face next to her submission, we love everything about this truly terrible photo. It even appears to have decapitated its subjects. Masterpiece!

Below is another peach of a panorama fail...

Cathriona Hanley panorama.jpg
Epic panorama fail.

“I kind of feel a blame it on the boogie effect happening. His hand is going on for miles,” as reader Cathriona Hanley explains.

Honourable Mention: Mr Byrne goes to Belfast...

TomByrne, Belfast.jpg
Tom Byrne, Belfast

The subject in Tom Byrne’s email was clear: ‘hilariously terrible travel snaps’. And yet, attached was this perfectly pleasant photo of its author with the caption: “of a Friday evening in Belfast, August, 2013.” Odd, or amazeballs? You decide.

The Prize:

Their photos may be awful, but our competition winner receives the awesome prize of two night-break at the four-star Pembroke Hotel in Kilkenny. Located at the heart of the Old City Quarter, the Duffy Rudden family not only nabs two nights’ B&B in an upgraded castle view room, but a three-course dinner on one evening and a private city walking tour. We hope they’re looking forward to their trip as much as we’re looking forward to their photos...

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