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Watch: Time-lapse of Ireland's most impressive mountains at sunset is simply spectacular

A couple who fell in love with the Mountains of Mourne in County Down have made a short time-lapse film to share the remarkable scenery with the world and the results, seen in the video above, are spectacular.

Martin Critchley from Purple Peak Adventures said that he decided to make the short film after he and his partner "absolutely fell in love" with the area many years ago.

Martin told the Belfast Telegraph: "My partner, Sharron Schwartz, and I are avid hillwalkers and absolutely fell in love with the Mountains of Mourne and vicinity years ago.

"Since then we have developed a parallel passion for landscape photography and videography, calling ourselves Purple Peak Adventures. We wanted to try and capture the remarkable landscapes of the Kingdom of Mourne throughout the changing seasons."



And Martin revealed that a cheeky fox attempted to sabotage his shoot that took over 18 months to complete.

"Filming required much patience and many visits to the area (we live in Co. Wicklow) over 18 months, which involved camping out overnight to capture sunrise/sunset sequences. During one camp on Slieve Commedagh we were visited overnight by a brazen fox who stole one of our rucksacks from the porch of our tent and chewed through several straps!

"The photography was done in the main using a Pentax full frame dSLR camera.  In some cases we also used electronic rotating heads or sliders to capture changing perspectives. Timelapse requires taking a sequence of still photographs at 2-3 second intervals (or greater at night time). These stills are then digitally processed and combined to form video sequences.

"We are delighted with the end result and would like to share it with all those who share our love of this remarkable part of Ireland."

The video and others from Purple Peak Adventures can be viewed in 4k on Martin's YouTube page.


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