Monday 18 December 2017

Watch: Stunning drone footage shows brave climbers scaling parts of the Wild Atlantic Way

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Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Stunning footage has been captured showing the Wild Atlantic Way in all it's glory - and exhilaration.

Bren Whelan, together with Wild Atlantic Way Climbing, have released stunning drone footage of climbers scaling Ireland's most Northerly Point, Malin Head.

The footage was shot last weekend and shows a "new climbing perspective that hasn't been seen before".

"I wanted to showcase the area and the work that I do... on Ireland's number one signature point".

"Climbing is really safe... It allows you to take people into an environment that looks extreme, that is extreme, but that can be extremely safe too".

"We make it accessible to people... up to 75% of our climbers could be first time climbers".

Whelan has previously been featured on for stunning footage of basking sharks off the coast, which was also shot near "Ireland's most unique square mile".

"The natural environment is off the charts".

The footage above was shot last Saturday, in conjunction with a drone company and Donegal TV. Whelan says the day couldn't have been any more perfect for it.

"The drone was flying around, we were working with Donegal TV, then we had the basking sharks in the background doing something they shouldn't at this time of year - jumping out of the water!

"The Wild Atlantic Way was putting on a show for us... it was really stunning".

"It's a pretty unique location... it has so much going for it. Ireland's largest and most diverse peninsula".

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