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Watch: Amazing footage of basking shark arriving back along the Kerry coast

It may look like a creature from some far-flung country, but this basking shark was captured on camera along the Kerry coast.

It was filmed by businessman Noel O'Leary, who hit the waters when he heard that the elusive creatures had returned to the area.

It didn't take long to encounter one of the basking sharks, who came very close to his boat.

"After 10 years of sea kayaking, it’s quite cool experience," he said.


"I’ve seen the odd minke whale, but to see a shark that's bigger than the kayak so close is quite amazing."

Mr O'Leary, who runs Irish Adventures - a kayaking, climbing and mountain biking business - is no stranger to getting up close to aquatic wildlife, but he is delighted to see them coming so close to Dingle.

"It's rare you get them so close to Dingle. There were a few more of them there around three years ago.

"They’re very peaceful and placid. There have been no mentions of injuries over the last few years that I’ve heard of," he said.

For more of Noel's pictures and videos, visit Irish Adventures Facebook page and YouTube.

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