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Roz Purcell's Little Black Book: Six brilliant breakfasts in Dublin

Hot n' healthy breakfasts

Roz Purcell in Dublin (composite).
Roz Purcell in Dublin (composite).
Honest to Goodness, Dublin
CoCu, Dublin
Slice Cafe, Stoneybatter. Photo: Facebook/Slice Cafe
Borlottie. Photo: Facebook/Borlottie
Acai bowl at Eathos, Dublin
Borlottie, IFSC, Dublin
The Greenery, Donnybrook

Roz Purcell

The best places to grab breakfast in Dublin? Model, food blogger and city slicker Roz Purcell shares her healthy hotspots.

The days of searching for a typical Irish fry are over.

So many of us are on the go or seeking to live a healthier lifestyle, we want a nourishing breakfast full of local produce as well as weird and miraculous super-foods!

Thankfully, eating breakfast out has become a culture in Dublin. So where can you pick up healthy dishes when dashing from an early gym class, trying to beat the traffic or getting a head-start on your city break?

1. EATHOS, Baggot Street

ROZ eathos acai bowl.JPG
Acai bowl at Eathos, Dublin

Eathos is a new health food joint with a clean, bright and minimal design. They've clearly thought the whole concept and food philosophy through extremely well.

It’s easy to get lured into Eathos with the mouth-watering displays of pastries and sweet treats ranging from healthy to the… erm, not so healthy. They are, however, followed by a long display of colourful and inventive salad mixes and beautifully displayed meats, fish and veggie options.

The staff are extremely welcoming - you can tell they're really into the food and invested in the concept behind it. A list of suppliers is available (a comforting gesture), and there's a spacious garden seating area which is lovely to sit in and avoid the chaos of Baggot Street!

The service is fast, with unlimited filtered/sparkling water for just €2. As a great breakfast spot, they serve really good coffee too - 3FE along with a selection of teas. The portions are just right and leave you feel satisfied (try leave some room for a paleo muffin!)

Roz Recommends: The savory sweet potato rosti, and a sweet Acai bowl.

Price Point: €6-€10.50

Breakfast: 7.30-11.45; Weekend: 8.30-4.30pm.

2. The Greenery, Donnybrook

ROZ greenery juice.jpg
The Greenery, Donnybrook

The Greenery is a modern and inviting cafe, tucked away in the heart of Donnybrook. It's near one of the busiest roads in Dublin, but has a miraculous ability to let you forget where you are with a nice relaxing atmosphere and minimal noise.

Although it’s great for families and children, it’s also the perfect place to grab breakfast alone. On my visit, there were multiple people “flying solo” without the awkwardness of having a large table to themselves. The menu has a good mix and lots of choice with great ‘add ons’ and delicious sides - which are key. They include poached eggs, chorizo and smoked salmon to name but a few.

The juice and smoothie menu is impressive, and they grow fresh wheatgrass in their garden. How do I know this? Well it was possibly the only wheatgrass shot I didn’t gag after! I asked what made it better than usual, and it seems the answer is freshness...

Roz Recommends: Avocado Granary Toast with chili, feta, mint and lemon olive oil - with an add-on of poached eggs. Also try the toasted oats, pecan and cranberry granola with Greek yogurt. Deliciously crunchy!

Price point: €8.50-10 for main breakfast; Coffee: €2.20

Breakfast: Weekdays: 8.30am- 12.30pm; Weekend: 9.30-6pm.

3. Honest To Goodness, Dame Court

Roz honest to goodness.jpg
Honest to Goodness, Dublin

I love HTG; it’s straight-up honest food. The ordering system is handy - you simply tick whatever boxes you want to order on the menu. The staff are accommodating if you want to change the menu slightly, too - I like the strong emphasis on customer care.

The service is quick here, with the perfect portion sizes. The food is prepared in front of you and it’s somewhere you could get away with eating in everyday without the fear of packing on any extra pounds. Even my trainer eats here!

Roz Recommends: The omelettes, or banana egg pancakes.

Price Point: €4-9

Breakfast: 8.00-11.30, all day Saturday

4. CoCu Kitchen, Baggot Street

ROZ CoCu.jpg
CoCu, Dublin

There’s usually a queue outside CoCu, and for good reason.

This is the ultimate stop for breakfast on the go. With limited seating, this place is perfect for the frantic worker who needs to grab a healthy meal to kick start their day. The menu is concise, simple and in my opinion just right and very affordable! They leave no room for error and include symbols on their menu with nutritional information clearly stating their market and food values.

The menu consists of five main elements - baked eggs, porridge, energy pots, sourdough bread and smoothies, each giving various add on options. It’s the perfect place for an indecisive foodie, like me:)

I would recommend getting two things - whether it’s an energy pot and baked eggs or smoothie and porridge. They take the coffee very seriously and it seems to be consistently good. Their grab-and-go system is proving hugely popular, and staff provide a fast service despite the huge volume of people.

Roz Recommends: Baked eggs with smoked salmon and avocado.

Price Point: €3 - 5

Breakfast: 8am-11am

5. Slice Cafe, Stoney Batter

Slice Cafe, Stoneybatter. Photo: Facebook/Slice Cafe

Slice Cafe, Stoneybatter. Photo: Facebook/Slice Cafe

Slice café is a sister to one of my favourite hidden gems, the Cake Café.

Slice Café serves great food and Irish produce. I would recommend breakfast or brunch here on a morning that you're not in the biggest rush. With a small seating plan, waiting for a table is something you may have to consider – but do wait!

This is a concise menu of raw muesli, variations of baked eggs, porridge, homemade beans and fresh raw juices. Even though the menu is similar to many other breakfast cafes, this place really does it well. They put a lot of effort into their food, the menu changes daily, and service is fast.

The portion sizes are huge and you won’t leaving feeling hungry!

Roz Recommends: Raw Muesli

Price Point: €4-6

Breakfast: 8-12pm, all day weekends

6. Borlottie, IFSC

Borlottie. Photo: Facebook/Borlottie

Photo: Barlottie/Facebook

Similar to the other new health cafes, Borlottie adopts a clean, simple and fresh decor and approach to their menu. Crossfit plays a big part in this café with the Crossfit ‘seal of approval’ on certain dishes.

The in and out system is popular, offering a quick service. The menu comprises of egg pots and wraps, breakfast bites, Irish porridge pots, fresh smoothies and juices and a selection of teas and coffees. This place is perfect for fitness fanatics!

Borlottie has also recently opened on Baggot Street.

Roz Recommends: Frittata of the day!

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