Tuesday 12 December 2017

My holiday in: Rosslare

Eoin Kealy

Where I went

I went to Rosslare Strand, Co Wexford, with my Mum and Dad, brother Rian, sister Ava and me. We stayed in Rosslare Beach Villas because it's right on the beach.

What we did

We couldn't go on the beach first because it was stormy so we went horse-riding in Shemalier. Our parents were on horses and we had ponies. Mine was called Miley. We jumped through puddles and over rocks. It was brilliant in the mountains. Then, when the weather got better, we played on the beach.

What we liked

We loved catching crabs on the beach and digging tunnels and swimming in the sea. We liked the peacocks and museum at Johnstown Castle. We liked the fancy seats at the cinema too.

What we didn't like

The bad weather.

What we ate

We ate in Kevin Doyle's family restaurant The Coopers Inn and in a restaurant in Wexford, Robertinos, with lovely pasta. We had a picnic on the beach too and the seagulls finished our crusts.

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