Monday 26 August 2019

Kiss Me I’m Irish! Tourism Ireland launches #LoveDublin kissing video

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

Freya Drohan

Tourism Ireland has unveiled two new short films to emphasise the infectious, youthful and dynamic energy of Dublin and Belfast.

To entice new visitors to the Emerald Isle, the Government body created two films; #LoveDublin and #PictureBelfast to show off the best of both cities.

According to figures, there has been an 11 pc increase in British visitors to Ireland so far this year, and Tourism Ireland is committed to ensuring this growth continues.

The #LoveDublin film plays on the cliché “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, but in a genuine and poignant way.

The short shows eight couples at iconic Dublin landmarks such as The Guinness Storehouse as they share a passionate smooch.

Interestingly, half of the couples are real-life partners, while the other half are complete strangers.

The #PictureBelfast ‘Film vs App Challenge’ follows two photographers around some of Belfast’s foremost tourist attractions, one with a retro iPhone app and one with a vintage camera.

Viewers are invited to guess whether the images shown in the video are hand-developed photos or snaps with a filter applied.

According to Tourism Ireland’s Vanessa Markey, the two videos are aimed at ‘social energisers’: young adults looking for an authentic and exciting experience while they travel.

“Our latest campaign should prove to be a great way for us to engage with our target audience...raising awareness of some of the many great, vibrant experiences on offer in both cities,” she said.

As part of the latest campaign, Tourism Ireland will co-operate on promotions with Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Stena Line and long-haul airlines like United Airlines, Air Canada rouge and Emirates.

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