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Incredible footage unveils one of Ireland's 'hidden treasures'

Incredible footage of a huge Celtic Cross made from trees in a Donegal forest has made the site Ireland's newest landmark with some hailing it one of the county's "hidden treasures".

The footage, first shown on UTV, was shot by Derry man Darren Sheaffer. The drone filmmaker was working on a project at the Bogay Walled Garden, outside Newtown Cunningham just across the border when it was mentioned to him about that there was an incredible sight in the neighbouring forest.

So he took a walk, sent his drone in the air - and couldn't believe what he saw.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "It's incredible, here in the middle of this forest is the most amazing site."


Photo: Darren Sheaffer

Photo: Darren Sheaffer


Photo: Darren Sheaffer

Photo: Darren Sheaffer

The trees - which measure more than 100 metres long - have been described as a feat of horticultural engineering. They were planted by the late Liam Emmery using two different types of trees.

With the change to autumn and the clear Donegal skies the majesty of the trees has becomes apparent, as too the skill in Mr Emmery's planting and it has been impressing many air passengers as they pass over the forest.

Tragically Liam passed away six years ago, aged just 51, after he was involved in an accident and suffered brain damage.

His wife Norma told UTV she had forgotten about the plantation but said her husband would have been "so proud".

Filmmaker Darren said - weather permitting - the site is breath-taking: "It's great for Liam's family. A real legacy and something that will be there for decades.

"It is an amazing site and I've been amazed by the response that people have had to it.

"All the stuff that is on our doorstep and you don't realise it. It's just another of Donegal's hidden treasures."

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