Saturday 24 March 2018

Galway gets its own Monopoly board - and here are the top properties

Galway passes Go!

Kylemore Abbey is the most expensive property on the Galway Monopoly board. Photo: Desposit
Kylemore Abbey is the most expensive property on the Galway Monopoly board. Photo: Desposit
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Galway is the latest Irish city to get its own edition of Monopoly, and its maker predicts sales will be "enormous".

The top two locations on the board - the blue Shrewsbury Road and Ailesbury Road sites in the Dublin edition - are Kylemore Abbey and Galway Bay. 

“These two loved locations secured the most votes in a public poll and are on the two most talked about and arguably coveted locations as a reward,” said Rob Osborne, Monopoly Development Manager at Winning Moves UK, makers of the board under official license from Hasbro.

"It’s such an iconic game in Irish households so it’s wonderful to now have a regional version," said Pat Lavelle, CEO of Kylemore Abbey. "And for the Abbey to be named the Mayfair of Galway is certainly an added bonus.”

At the other end of the spectrum, The Spanish Arch, which dates from 1584, features in the Crumlin/Old Kent Road spot as the game's cheapest property.

The Latin Quarter, Galway United, Galway City Museum, the Galway Races, the Aran Islands, and Galway's railway station and harbour are among the other landmarks (and events) featured on the board.

In all, 22 classic spaces have become Galway City and County themed, with two charities - Galway SPCA and The Galway Autism Partnership - appearing on the Chance and Community Chest Squares.

Community Chest and Chance playing cards are Galway-themed too – with one rewarding players with tickets to the Galway Races.

Monopoly celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, with the latest edition now available in Galway shops, as well as online on Amazon.

Winning Moves UK has said it predicts overseas sales of the Galway board, particularly from the US, will be "enormous".

Other Irish editions of the classic board game include Dublin, Cork and Belfast, which is the only Irish city on a new global edition of the game.

Galway City Mayor, Cllr. Frank Fahy, said he was delighted so many "Crown Jewels" in the city had made it onto the board.

"It showcases the vibrancy and diversity the city and county of Galway," he said, adding that the board would help the city in its bid to become European Capital of Culture 2020.

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