Thursday 13 December 2018

'I'm petrified of flying...' How an Aer Lingus cabin crewmember put me at my ease

TLC in times of turbulence

Aerophobia: Fear of flying.
Aerophobia: Fear of flying.
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You voted Aer Lingus Ireland's favourite airline in our Reader Travel Awards 2018. Here's just one happy passenger's take.

“I’m petrified of flying," one reader commented in our awards.

"Last year, I flew with Aer Lingus to New York while it was being hit by the blizzards — the turbulence was the worst I had been through.

"Halfway through, I started to panic, cry, and get on people’s nerves around me (which I was extremely sorry for).

May 2017. New Aer Lingus cabin crew recruits. Picture Jason Clarke
May 2017. New Aer Lingus cabin crew recruits. Picture Jason Clarke

"An Aer Lingus air hostess asked to speak to me in private.

"I nervously made my way to the back of the plane, where she sat me down and gave me some water and asked if there was any other food I might like.

"She started to chat and tell me about all her years flying, how the turbulence was simply a bump on the road compared to other flights she had been on.

"She asked me questions about my travels, spoke about her time in New York, and I didn’t even realise my nerves were slowly fading…

"I was able to return to my seat calm and relaxed and enjoy the rest of the flight.”

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