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If you want to go to London, why not fly to London?





few of us have ever flown to London. Think about it: the biggest Heathrow, is 14 miles out in Middlesex. Gatwick's even further, 30 miles away in deepest West Sussex.

Add on another five miles for Luton, and the same again for Stansted or Southend.

The only airport in the capital is London City Airport itself, but it's been mostly seen as an airport for business passengers.

But it's all changed now with three operators flying there from Dublin, with the prospect of good value fares as well as plenty of flight options.

Herald Travel, above, was among the select few on the maiden flight with Flybe onboard "The Spirit of Dublin' to London. The carrier is offering flights starting from 6.15am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 6.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays out of Dublin. Later flights are at 10.25am, 3.20pm and 7.20pm all week.

Return flights are at handy times too: from 8.20am, with four more services later in the day.

City Airport is a nice change from the big terminals: it's just minutes from landing to front door, or to its own train station on the Docklands Light Railway. Get to Canary Wharf in under 15 minutes or 22 minutes to Bank station in the City of London.

It's also a good choice for visiting the East End, 02 Arena, or even a day trip to catch West Ham in action.

One-way prices from €48, and further info details from www.flybe.com

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