Wednesday 22 November 2017

Greece lightning for cheap holidays

Pat Fitzpatrick

It's hard to take your eyes off Greece. If things go our way in the next few months those Greeks could end up saving us a lot of money. On our summer holidays.

Think about it. Greece drops out of the euro and starts printing drachmae which will be worth about as much as a set of estimates from the Department of Finance. Forget about your soggy staycation or a week in Brittany; this summer, Paddy is off to Greece.

Forget about macro- economics for a minute. The biggest problem with the euro was that it wrecked our sunshine holidays. We were no longer able to go to Spain or Portugal and live it up with their comedy currencies. Eighty pesetas for a chicken and chips -- what's that in real money? Very little, we'll take two. Sunshine holidays weren't just about going very pink, buying a knock-off handbag and doing a conga around the swimming pool. The real pleasure was in living like royalty for a fortnight.

We could do with a bit of that right now after four years of austerity and a mobile home in Miltown Malbay. And this week, with the hour gone back and a freezing winter lying in wait, it's nice to imagine two weeks on the cheap in somewhere like Crete. The only problem is how to get there on the cheap.

And then up pops Michael O'Leary. He was front and centre this week with photos of him on the back of a lorry alongside a pack of his air hostesses in their knickers. It was cheap and compelling, just like Ryanair. Who better to deliver us to the promised land of cheap moussaka? So get those planes out of mothballs and fly us all to Greece.

Keep one thing in mind though. Just because you spend two weeks in a dirt cheap sunny country doesn't mean you have to buy three apartments there.

Remember Bulgaria?

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