Friday 23 August 2019

Global Village: Try out a holiday before you buy

Be transported to Rio's Carnival
Be transported to Rio's Carnival

Anna Coogan

Soon we'll be able to check out a holiday destination before making a booking. Virtual reality headsets will allow us to visit our dream holiday spots before ever boarding a flight, according to a new report on the future of travel.

With a virtual reality headset on – and covering our field of vision – we'll be transported away to whatever holiday destinations have most taken our fancy with the help of computer-generated 3D environments.

So, while we may be in Dublin, the idea is we'll feel like we're walking through a lavender field in Provence, or skiing down the Alps in Switzerland, or enjoying the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, above. Skyscanner, the UK-based search site, has published a report forecasting what travel will be like in 2024, and has predicted that virtual reality headsets will by then be widely in use to offer virtual 'try-before-you-buy' holidays.

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