Monday 19 August 2019

Global Village: Pining for postcards


Anna Coogan

Now we're all snapping photos of our holiday destinations on our mobiles while we're away, and texting them to people, how many of us are bothered to send postcards?

There is no official survey to tell us how postcards have declined in the era of mobile phone cameras, text messages and Facebook social networking websites. Yet, anecdotally, and in a travel report, it's been estimated that while 60 per cent of people texted friends and family back home when on holiday, only 16 per cent sent postcards.

"The overall, overwhelming consensus is that postcard sales are down dramatically," said Matthew Tobin, president of the US Souvenir Wholesale Distributors Association and executive vice president of Arts & Cards. "It's probably half what it used to be."

Figures show that while 4.5 billion postcards were delivered in the United States in 1951, the figure fell to 3.3 billion in 1990, and plummeted again to 1.4 billion in 2010.

Doesn't it just make you want to send a postcard for old time's sake?

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