Saturday 24 August 2019

Global village: Nicole lives it up in London

In London: Nicole Kidman.
In London: Nicole Kidman.
Jacket grip
Plane sleep

Anna Coogan

Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman has been receiving standing ovations for her performance in Photograph 51 on London's West End. She's even been cheered on by her Aussie hubby and singer Keith Urban, who flew to the English capital to see his wife perform on stage.

It's likely Nicole is getting to enjoy some of the sights of London during her downtime from her role as scientist Rosalind Franklin in the play about the X-ray image/photograph which famously revealed the double-helix shape of DNA.

Things a Hollywood A-lister might do in London include visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum, which celebrates art and design with 3,000 years of amazing artefacts from around the world.

Or take a tour with one of the Yeoman Warders around the Tower of London and discover its 900-year history. And the London Eye has some of the most spectacular views from its 32 capsules.

Get a grip on your favourite jacket

Carrying a jacket around an airport, or while on holidays, can be a nuisance. You want your hands free for enjoying a coffee-on-the-go or making a phone call.

Folding a jacket or cardigan up and putting it in a bag can lead to creases - and you not looking your best when you finally get around to wearing it.

An Alfie Design Travel Jacket Gripper (top) is one solution worth serious consideration. All you have to do is attach the gripper onto your bag, clip it shut and tighten the loop so that your jacket is able to hang easily off your bag. It means there is less risk of your jacket falling to the ground. And less risk of you losing a favourite coat.

The Gripper is small, so it doesn't take up much room in your bag. It comes in dark brown, black and green, among other colours, and costs approximately €21.

How to fight the flab on holidays

Holidays are all about getting out of your routine, yet keeping up a fitness regime can be important. The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband All-Day Activity aims to keep you on track while you're away, by telling you how many steps you have taken and what distance you have covered - and also by alerting you to how many calories you have burned.Statistics are wirelessly and automatically sent from your Fitbit device to your phone or computer. The wristband is water-resistant and has a five-day battery life, so you can wear it day and night. And also, because sleeping well is part of good health and keeping fit, it monitors how long and how well you have slept and has an alarm. It costs approximately €85.

Simple rules for a happy flight

We've all had unpleasant plane journeys thanks to being next to someone irritating. Yet by following a few rules when travelling, you can increase your chances of having a pleasant trip, according to

When you have three seats next to one another, the person in the middle seat gets to claim the armrests.

When you recline your seat, always glance back and make sure the person behind you isn't using his tray table to eat or work.

If you need to use the lavatory but your aisle seatmate is sleeping, gently tap him on his shoulder and say, "Excuse me." No other explanation is necessary. Never attempt to crawl over him. And it seems you never, ever discipline someone else's screaming child!

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