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Global village: Jerry judges France a winner


The famous village of Saint Paul de Vence, France

The famous village of Saint Paul de Vence, France

The famous village of Saint Paul de Vence, France

Newlyweds Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch recently took a honeymoon stroll in the French village, Saint Paul de Vence.

It's a fortified medieval village just a 15 minute drive northwest of Nice, and it's expected many more people will visit this summer following the celebrity couple's sighting there.Attractions include scores of art galleries, artisanal shops and terraced cafes.

Artists who have lived there include Jacques Raverat, Gwen Raverat and Marc Chagall. Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has a home there, which may indeed explain Jerry Hall's choice of destination for her honeymoon - she's great friends with Bill's wife, Suzanne Accosta.

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Provence, it's built on a rocky outcrop and is surrounded by its ramparts built on the orders of King Francis 1 of France.

How bad a traveller are you?

Huffpost Travel has suggested a few signs which may indicate you're a bad traveller. For example, you have an expired passport and don't even know it.

Or your bags are overweight and you're surprised. Or you haven't done any research. You don't know what currency is used in your destination. Or what language is spoken there.

You don't know the carry-on rules. You trigger a search of your carry-on bag which clogs up the line behind you.

You don't check in online, and risk getting stuck in the dreaded middle seat of the last row.

You don't make a packing list. You're the guest begging the front desk to borrow a power converter. Or the guy who doesn't know how to reach an English-speaking doctor to prescribe the medicine he has forgotten.

Patti goes down memory lane

American singer-songwriter, poet and artist Patti Smith's book M Train begins in a tiny Greenwich Village café where she goes every morning for black coffee and to ruminate on the world.

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Yet soon she has the reader on the move - and between the past and present - recollecting her journeys to Frida Kahlo's home Casa Azul in Mexico, to a meeting of an Arctic explorer's society in Berlin, and onto a ramshackle seaside bungalow in New York's Far Rockaway that she acquired just before Hurricane Sandy hit.

As well as a quirky travel memoir, her book has been described as a love letter to her late husband, the musician Fred 'Sonic' Smith, who died in 1994 at the age of 45.

It is published by Alfred A Knopf and is priced around €19.50.

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