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Getting there

Flights to Gatwick cost approximately €120. Return flights to Marsa Alam in spring and autumn cost between £379 and £409, approximately.

Accommodation, including meals and soft drinks, are approximatelyy €250.

Diving equipment rental and dive guide €250, approx.

The trip all-in costs approximately €1,300.

For more information on seasonal costs and equipment, Google 'Wadi Lahami dive resort'.


It's easy to get started on deep sea diving in Ireland. Since the 1960s, the popularity of sports diving has mushroomed, with clubs in every maritime county. They operate under the auspices of the Irish Underwater Council (CFT) an affiliate member of CMAS, the international umbrella organisation for recreational diver-training organisations. The other major training group is the PADI diving system which also has a worldwide distribution. Most courses cost between €500 and €600 and are spaced out over six weeks. You need to have good health, be reasonably fit and, most importantly, be comfortable in the water. Basic equipment will set you back at least €1,000. Don't stint on the the quality of your gear.It's a bit like looking for a yellow pack parachute. Buy a good regulator, the tubing you breathe from, as your life depends on it.

The sport is constantly evolving, with new devices popping up every month to advance comfort and safety. I could not recommend it more highly. Diving off the west coast of Ireland offers some of the best cold-water seascapes in the world.

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