Friday 27 April 2018

Five great things to do in Malta

1. Take the plunge at one of Europe's scuba-diving hotspots. With reefs, caves and shipwrecks, the waters of the Blue Lagoon (Comino) and Azure Window (Gozo) will leave you goggle-eyed. (; €30)

2. Earn your supper by picking olives or fruit at a traditional Gozitan farm. If that sounds too much like hard work, enjoy a traditional Maltese cooking session -- before dining on all the spoils. (; activities from €7)

3. Head to the beautifully restored warehouses of Valletta for some Maltese gift shopping. Mdina glass, with their funky vases and bowls, should do the trick. €20 will buy you your new dinner-table centre-piece.

4. Capture some of Malta's best views at Dingli Cliffs. The highest point on the islands, breathe in the vista south over the deserted island of Filfa. Next stop, Tunisia.

5. Catch a relaxing ride through Valletta harbour on a dghajsa -- a traditional Maltese fishing boat. (from €10). If pronunciation is a problem -- just ask for the Maltese gondolas.

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