Sunday 25 February 2018

Five great things to do in Edinburgh

1. Enjoy a real taste of Scotland Thankfully, there's more to Scottish cuisine than deep-fried Mars bars. For top-quality local grub, grab a table at Stac Polly ( on Dublin Street and

St Mary's Street.

2. Spy on the city Created by optician Maria Short in the 1850s, the Camera Obscura gives visitors a bird's-eye view of the city through a series of mirrors. The telescopes on the roof are equally impressive. See camera-

3. Experience the Fringe Late 'n' Live Twenty-five years on the go, Late 'n' Live is the place to see Fringe comedians at their most manic and unpredictable. Shows kick off at 1am every night during the festival.

4. Climb the Crags Arthur's Seat is more famous, but the jagged Salisbury Crags, in verdant Holyrood Park, offers great walks and panoramic views.

5. Celebrate your Irish roots Hibernian, the Leith-based football team who play at Easter Road, was founded by Irish immigrants in 1875, 13 years before Celtic started.

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