Tuesday 18 December 2018

Fame of Thrones: Lonely Planet's 10 coolest loos (and one scary one)

Nature's Call: Toilet-spotting

Little "Toilet island" in the middle of Caribbean sea (Belize, Placencia). Photo: Lonely Planet
Hut in snow, Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo: Lonely Planet
Toilet waterfall in Foshan, China. Photo: Lonely Planet
A side profile view of a toilet designed for use in space. Photo: Lonely Planet
Toilets next to the road in Chott el Djerid, a large endorheic salt lake in southern Tunisia. Photo: Lonely Planet
Men's restroom at the Sony Center in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Lonely Planet
The outhouse of Saarij‰rvi Wilderness Cottage at Enontekiˆ, Finland. Photo: Lonely Planet
Two toilets made of palm tree leaves, Brazil. Photo: Lonely Planet
Toilet block in the bushland camping area near Waitpinga Beach, South Australia. Photo: Lonely Planet
Red Woods toilets, New Zealand. Photo: Lonely Planet
An outhouse with a view, which flushes twice a day. Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia Canada. Photo: Lonely Planet

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Lonely Planet is flushed with success after its latest publication, a guide to the world's most extraordinary loos.

Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide features over 100 of the world’s top thrones, ranging from Toilet Island in Belize (above) to the loo-with-a-view in London's Shard.

Whether it’s a waterfall washroom in Taiwan or a his-n-hers combo in remote Brazil, the book highlights some of the best lavs on earth... and beyond.

We're not sold on the space toilet prototype (see gallery above), however. What's that yellow suction-tube-thingy? We'll hold on that one.

“As any experienced traveller knows, you can tell a whole lot about a place by its bathrooms,” trumpets the book's introduction.

“Whatever you prefer to call them – lavatory, loo, bog, khasi, thunderbox, dunny, washroom or water closet - toilets are a (sometimes opaque, often wide-open) window into the secret soul of a destination.”

From attention-seeking urban outhouses to eco-thrones made from sticks and stones, this one is a must for your bathroom reading pile.

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