Tuesday 20 March 2018

Norway's Polar Park lets visitors spend the night with (and kiss) wolves

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A wolf kiss. Photo: Roger Johanson/nordnorge.com
A wolf kiss. Photo: Roger Johanson/nordnorge.com
Polar Park, Norway
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Forget dancing with wolves. At Norway's Polar Park, guests can spend the night in a cabin inside a wolf enclosure.

The experience, which debuted in December, includes an evening listening to wolf tales in front of the fireplace, whilst curious wolves themselves pass by.

The following morning, guests step outside for a 'wolf kiss'.

Polar Park is the northernmost wildlife park in the world, located in Bardu, between Narvik and Tromsø in Northern Norway.

Its Wolflodge consists of six bedrooms sleeping 12, and the chance to interact with wolves is offered in an enclosure of "socialised" animals.

After clear instructions by the guide on where to put hands; how to walk; and general behavior, visitors are greeted with a lick on the face.

Video: YouTube/Gard Ole Waerum

Wolves, which live mainly in southeastern Norway, are listed as critically endangered on the Norwegian Red List of species 2010.

The largest member of the dog family is a social species, living in pairs or flocks, hunting both small game and larger animals such as moose and red deer, and growing to an average weight of around 30kg (females) and 50kg (males).

Bears, muskox, lynx and moose share the epic wilderness at Polar Park, and visitors can also take part in guided nature photography tours.

WolfLodge packages start from around £450/€585pp, depending on numbers booking. The cost includes accommodation, dinner, guides and snacks.

Guests can fly from Dublin Airport to Tromsø via Oslo or London with SAS (flysas.ie) and Norwegian (norwegian.com).

See polarpark.no/wolflodge for more info.

Polar Park, Norway
Polar Park, Norway

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