Friday 15 December 2017

Dessert in Vienna gallery

Display at Austrian pastry shop
Display at Austrian pastry shop
apple strudel with custard, close-up
Christmas Biscuits
Vienna, AUSTRIA: TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY Gabrielle GRENZ A slice of the famous chocolate cake Sachertorte is displayed 12 April 2007 in Vienna on the occasion of its 175th birthday. The Sachertorte is made of two layers of dense chocolate dough with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and dark chocolate icing with shreds of chocolate on the top and sides. Its recipe has been a closely guarded secret since its invention. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read Gabrielle Grenz/AFP/Getty Images)
Linzer Torte: With recipes dating back to the 1650s, this delicious treat is said to be one of the oldest recorded tortes in the world. It is best known for its lattice appearance, made from jam and dough strips across the face of the cake. Traditionally, the edge of the lattice design is decorated with almonds. This design has over time, also become popular as a cookie rather than a cake. While this cake comes from the city of Linz, you can still try this amazing delicacy at Café Sperl where it is sold as a slice (Linzerschnitte). Opened in the 1880s, Café Sperl is considered by locals to be one of the city's original coffee houses. For more information, visit the Café Sperl website
Guglhupf: Made from a distinctive looking circular pan, this cake comes in many variations most of which contain Kirsch, a fruit liquor. The Grand Hotel makes a Grand Guglhupf, from a secret recipe, which Emperor Franz is said to have eaten as breakfast dish. Visit the hotel’s famous café to try it for yourself, see for more information on the Grand Gugelhupf.

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