Monday 17 December 2018

People Power: Sign up for the Big Holiday Switch to unlock great travel deals!

Sign up for The Big Holiday Switch at
Sign up for The Big Holiday Switch at

Independent Travel

One Big Switch and are teaming up to launch the Big Holiday Switch, and it's set to unlock some super travel offers for holidaymakers.

The Big Holiday Switch aims to use People Power and Ireland’s newest travel ecommerce platform, Independent Travel, to unlock Group Discounted holiday offers.

How does it work?

To unlock this group discount, 2,000 registrants need to sign up.

To join, just register at

Anyone can register for the campaign by Midnight Monday, 9th February. Joining is cost and obligation free, and once the magic number is reached, the discounts become available.

It gets results, too. In last year's Big Energy Switch, group discounted electricity was unlocked using the power of 64,000 consumers. Tens of thousands of households saved on their electricity bills by switching, or using the offer to shop around.

"We have used People Power in the past to unlock Group Discounts on electricity, gas and health insurance, we believe the same can apply to holidays,” says Sarah Ryan, Director of Campaigns with One Big Switch.

Independent Travel is the natural fit for such a campaign.

Already known for its award-winning travel writing and hugely popular destination coverage, the website now offers readers the best value holiday packages on the market - including flights and hotel options all over Europe. Managing Director, Digital, Fiona O’Carroll said:

“ Travel provides one easy location to book a holiday from a broad range of hotels and airlines worldwide. I’m excited that we can combine our product offering with One Big Switch’s people power purchasing model to potentially offer a fantastic deal to Irish consumers.

"If together we can get 2,000 people interested, then it’s a fantastic result for readers.”

Sign up for the Big Holiday Switch here.

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