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Damian Hall's Dalkey - 'it gives me the comfort of being home'



Personal trainer Damian Hall

Personal trainer Damian Hall

Personal trainer Damian Hall

Dalkey is where I grew up, and coming back for a weekend gives me the comfort of being home.

My wife and I usually stay at the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. It's a lovely spot, with a nice stroll down to Dalkey village, but it's not so pleasant on the way back up the hill later.

We are real foodies, so the first thing we do, wherever we go, is find a nice restaurant. In this case, the Thai House is usually our first port of call.

We'll head to The Queen's for a drink. We aren't night owls, so it would be an early night. I'm a big believer in keeping my sleep patterns the same, no matter what day of the week it is.

On Saturday, we would head up Killiney Hill for a quick workout. The quarry steps, all 117 of them, provided a great fitness platform through my amateur rugby career.

Then we'd head down to the bathing place on Vico Road for a dip to ease the aching muscles. For breakfast, we'd visit Select Stores, where they do a delicious egg, avocado and chorizo bowl.

Saturday night would be quiet, with a meal and a drink in the hotel. Not exciting, but with both of our hectic schedules, it's nice to relax.

Sunday, for me, is a day off from working out, so after a hotel breakfast, we'd have a lovely walk down the Dun Laoghaire West Pier, and a nice coffee in the sun.

Damian Hall is a personal trainer with 20 years' experience with people over 40 in his private personal training studio in Dublin, and on his Complete Transformation Retreats to Lanzarote. See completepersonaltraining.ie

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