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Cost hard to digest

YOU may want to think twice about ordering that hotel snack in Helsinki, what with the recent news that hotels in the Finnish capital charge the most for room service – while those in Tunis in Tunisia charge the least.

TripAdvisor compared the average cost of five items commonly ordered from room service (a club sandwich, a bottle of water, a single vodka, a bottle of cola and a bag of peanuts) as well as the dry cleaning of a single garment, in 48 destinations which are popular with travellers.

It discovered that in the Finnish capital, the purchase of a club sandwich off the room service menu can set travellers back on average €27.60 – this compared with a mere €5.10 in hotels in the Tunisian capital.

Tunisian hotels were followed by hotels in South Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic and Morocco when it came to offering the cheapest club sandwiches.

The most expensive in-room club sandwiches were in Finland, followed by Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and South Korea.


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