Tuesday 20 August 2019

Check-in change will cut down on stress

Passengers at airport check-in desk. Photo: Getty Images.
Passengers at airport check-in desk. Photo: Getty Images.

Anna Coogan

Want to avoid the early- morning queues at check-in? Aer Lingus has come up with a solution which may make the airport experience much less stressful for travellers.

Passengers can now avail of an evening check-in service which affords them the convenience of checking-in their baggage at the airport on the evening before their flight.

This free service is available to customers travelling with Aer Lingus from Dublin Airport. It is available exclusively to those travelling between 6am and 8am the following morning.

Passengers can check-in between 4pm and 8pm the evening before they travel.

It's particularly useful for family groups, as only one immediate family member needs to check-in for the group, once all tickets, passports and bags are provided together.

Individual passengers travelling simply need to be present for evening check-in with their ticket, passport and baggage. Evening check-in customers can then effortlessly bypass the busy morning queues at check-in and make their way through security screening and straight on to their boarding gates.


Size matters when choosing backpack

The backpack was once the humble symbol of the budget traveller.

In the Nineties it was also fashionable for urban commuters to wear small backpacks so they could read on buses and trains in the knowledge that their personal items were secure.

Now, Debenhams has seen a 114 per cent increase in sales of backpacks – heralding a return of hands-free travelling, whether the backpack is utilitarian or more trendy.

Industry observers attribute the increase in sales of backpacks to the use of smartphones, as backpacks leave the wearer's hands free to text, tweet, or surf the internet. According to fashion insiders, the secret to this look is to remember that size matters.

Debenhams' head of accessories design, Natelle Baddeley, explains: "Too small and you look like you are still stuck in the Nineties, too big and you may be mistaken for an actual backpacker!

"The key size is medium. Get that right and the wonderful versatility of the backpack is immediately apparent."


Night at the opera

Torture, murder and suicide – you can find it all in Puccini's opera Tosca, which was first enjoyed by audiences in January 1900. It's based on Victorien Sardou's 1887 French-language play, La Tosca.

Melodramatic in nature, it's set in Rome in June 1800, when the Kingdom of Naples' control of Rome was threatened by Napoleon's invasion of Italy. Featuring some of Puccini's best-known lyrical arias, it brings to life the battle between the ruling power and the intruder.

The Travel Department has organised an opera holiday to Berlin for a performance of Puccini's Tosca on May 20 – which will see opera lovers spend three nights in Berlin and will include a guided tour of the city. Popular TV and radio presenter and opera lover Marty Whelan, above, will host a pre-performance drinks reception and give an introduction to Tosca. The RTE Lyric fm show Marty in the Morning will also be broadcast live from Berlin during the opera break.



Sofia's Sydney sojourn

ACTRESS Sofia Vergara turned heads recently when filming scenes for the sitcom Modern Family in Sydney.

It's a city which will surely be a popular destination for Irish travellers this year.

As a result of emigration, more young Irish people are heading to Australian shores – there has been a 30 per cent increase in the number of Irish people living Down Under in the last six years.

Figures from the Australian government show there are more than 76,000 Irish people living in Oz these days.

It explains the number of Irish expected to holiday in Australia this year to catch up with much-missed family and friends.

Popular tourist attractions in Sydney include the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Luna Park and Sydney Tower.

Colombian actress Sofia, 41, stole the limelight from her co-stars when they filmed scenes for the popular sitcom in Sydney's Botanical Gardens. The TV show's cast is also said to have enjoyed a scuba dive while working in Sydney.



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