Friday 15 December 2017

Celebs south of the border

Is Jennifer Aniston, below, ever going to wed her long-term fiance Justin Theroux? Or is it more likely she'll end up crying on the shoulders of her best pals Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler – and in their all-time favourite holiday destination, Los Cabos in Mexico?

This trio of Hollywood beauties are a fab advertisement for the appeal of this sunny destination. In fact, they've made it a red-hot choice for groups of gal pals looking for fun in the sun, but without a rowdy element.

You'll find Los Cabos at the tip of Baja California Sur – and it's a sunny resort with two distinct personalities.

Tranquil San Jose del Cabo retains the look and vibe of an authentic Mexican town – there are cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants and boutiques.

Rambunctious Cabo San Lucas, on the other end of the highway (called the Corridor), is entertainment central with funky bars and eateries, and the Luxury Avenue Mall close to the marina.



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