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Ireland's best walks Alison Curtis - 'Devil's Glen in Wicklow is great for keeping the kids entertained'

Alison Curtis presents Weekend Breakfast on Today FM, and lives in Dublin with her husband and daughter, Joan.


Alison Curtis

Alison Curtis

Alison Curtis

“We love Devil’s Glen in Wicklow.

"You pass waterfalls and all different types of scenery, which I think is great for kids, as it helps to keep them entertained. As a family, we get a lot out of it — the exercise, the fresh air, the sense of freedom.

“You can do a loop, or a straight walk. When Joan was younger, we would go in one direction and back, just for half an hour or so. Now, we can go for a bit longer, which is lovely.

The air is so different, and I feel calmer in nature. Some people love being on the water, or at the beach. But because I grew up in Ontario, I feel relaxed around greenery and trees.

“I think it’s important for city kids to be able to experience the countryside. There are so many great walks in Ireland, and children can really learn to appreciate nature that way. It was something I was lucky enough to grow up with in Canada. We had a house in the city but a family cottage in the middle of nowhere.

My sister and I had free reign to run around acres and acres of land and make forts. It really shaped me — it means I’m not afraid of the wilderness. Our biggest worry was poison ivy! I’m no Bear Grylls, but it gave me a great sense of independence.”

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