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Aer Lingus overhauls its bag charges


An Aer Lingus jet

An Aer Lingus jet

An Aer Lingus jet

Aer Lingus has introduced a new baggage charge structure on its short-haul flights as it battles with Ryanair for innovative ways to lure passengers.

Passengers flying on its routes to the UK and mainland Europe can opt to select how much weight they want to carry in their luggage and pay the appropriate charge.

That's different than previously, when each low-fare passenger was subject to a 20kg baggage limit no matter how many bags they checked in on the short-haul routes.

Now the airline is offering passengers the option of choosing to check in either a 15kg, 20kg, 25kg or 40kg bag. In the case of the 40kg option, the baggage has to be split between two bags. No individual piece of luggage can exceed 32kg.

While passengers opting for the Aer Lingus plus/flex fare have a 20kg bag allowance included in their ticket price, other fliers will pay between €20 and €30 each way for a 20kg bag depending on the destination and time of year.

A 15kg bag costs between €15 and €25 each way depending on the destination and time of year.

For a 30kg bag, passengers will pay between €30 and €40 each way, again depending on the time of year and destination.

The 40kg option costs between €55 and €65, depending on the destination and timing.

Flex/plus fare passengers will pay €10 each way for a 25kg bag and €35 for 40kg no matter what the destination in Europe or time of year.

All the new charges apply as long as the baggage is booked online.

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