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A new way to clean and carry your gadgets


NueVue case

NueVue case

NueVue case

GERMAPHOBES might want to take a deep breath, because when tested, it has been discovered that most iPhone and iPad screens are a home to germs.

Mmmmm, so what to do if you regularly tweet from the bathroom to save on time? The NueVue case for the iPhone and iPad is an antimicrobial cleaner and carrying case all in one.

It's lined with a special microfibre fabric that cleans the screen of your favourite gadgets, while at the same time killing bacteria over time.

The case sandwiches your devices against getting knocks and scratches – and also cleans and kills germs as you take your iPhone or iPad out for use.

So not only are your screens cleaner and easier on the eye, which will keep your gadgets looking younger for longer, it also means that you don't have to worry about such things like catching colds from lingering bacteria.

Prices for the cases start in and around €35.


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