Sunday 15 December 2019

5 great things to do in Baku

1Keep tabs on Jedward at the official EuroClub, located on the Seaside Boulevard. If you're bringing some younger Jedward fans, the boulevard (bulvar) also has a great amusement park.

2Catch a train south and make the two hour jaunt to Astara -- on the Azeri frontier with Iran. It is also one of the safest gateways to Persia (€25).

3Head for the mountain kingdom of Xinaliq deep in the Azerbaijan Caucasus. The magical hamlet remains so untouched, tourists have to source a host-family on arrival (

4Visit Absheron National Park -- outside Baku. A peninsula haven for Eurasian fauna, have the snap-shutter at the ready for Caspian seals, gazelles and jackals (€3 bus).

5Experience the fruits of the Caspian Sea in Restoran Port in Fountain Square. As with all dining experiences in Baku avoid 'extras' and insist on a detailed bill!

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