Tuesday 20 March 2018

24 Irish travel photos that will make you want to see the world

'Stars Over Manarola', one of the five villages of Cinque Terre, Italy, by Declan Keane. 'Set among the rugged cliffs of Liguria, these ancient fishing villages are easily one of the most beautiful places in the world.'
'Stars Over Manarola', one of the five villages of Cinque Terre, Italy, by Declan Keane. 'Set among the rugged cliffs of Liguria, these ancient fishing villages are easily one of the most beautiful places in the world.'
'Time to celebrate once we reached Machu Picchu, Peru after finishing the Inca Trail back in 2012,' says Tara Quinn. 'Such a good feeling!'
Sahara Wanderer, by Brian Berry. 'I took this photo in 2015 on a trip to Morocco. Riding through the Sahara on camel-back following this man in blue through the mighty Erg Chebbi Dunes is an experience I'll never forget.'
Three old pals having a dip on holiday in South Kerry. By Gerry Enright
'This photo was taken in August 2014 during a trip to Morocco,' says Ger Power. 'One afternoon as I wandering around the Medina in Tangier I came across a pre-wedding ritual. The family and friends of the groom were leading a young bull through the narrow medina streets. The bull was then slaughtered in a small square and everyone marked themselves with with some blood. This girl caught my eye as she watched the events unfold.'
This image was taken on Island called Twin Sea, south west of Railay Beach in Thailand in 2015 using a Canon 100D. By Greg Dorney
'I visit the Saltee Islands off the coast of Wexford every year. There is a Gannet colony there and is the home of many Puffins. This image was taken on my last visit in July 2015 last year. The puffins were flying in with beaks full of sprats feeding the young,' says Ian Hennessy.
'I took this photo on Sairee beach in Koh Tao, Thailand. The fire dancers perform there every night,' says Tara Povey. 'I was so enthralled with watching the reflections in the sea and the sparks flying as the fire hit the water. My friends were professional photographers and were trying to get "the perfect photo". I had a small handheld digital camera that I'd gotten about 5 years ago for Christmas. I didn't have much hope for getting a great photo, but I switched on "fireworks mode" and hoped for the best. Luckily for me, this is what came out :)'
'This picture was taken last year in Lisbon, Portugal,' says Fiona Farrell. 'Such a great city, with a wonderful character!'
'During a recent holiday to Trinidad & Tobago in December 2015, we met a local vendor on Mt Irvine beach in Tobago who was selling aloe vera massages!' says Shiva Sreenivasan. 'He is known locally as "Horsey", and he allowed me to take his photograph.'
This shot was taken in Kathmandu last March of a man looking pensively out of a beautifully carved old window in Durbar Square. Photo: Emer Connolly
Blue hour at Ballyalla Lake, Ennis, Co. Clare
'This was taken on a week trip to Morocco in January 2015,' says Rich Zephyr. 'The purpose of this trip was to capture Moroccan people as their culture has always fascinated me. It was taken walking around Essaouria. I was walking around some markets in this area when I passed this alley way and just had to take the picture.'
"I took this photo whilst walking along Dune 45 in the Namib Desert during July 2015," says Sandra Ní Sheaimpín
'I had been hoping to get this particular photo in Doolin, Co. Clare, for some time,' says Seán Haughton. 'The window of opportunity is small due to the sun's location at this time of year. But on St Patricks Day 2016, everything together perfectly.'
'The attached black and white photo depicts a young boy desperately collecting rain water in Stonetown, Zanzibar,' says Robert O'Neill. 'It was the first day it had rained in months and signified the end of the dry season and the start of the much-needed rainy season.'
Camping on Otaki beach in New Zealand in february 2015 under the milky way. By James McKeown.
"This Balinese lady worked at a shack in balangan beach,' says Davey O'Connor. 'I just wanted to get a picture of her after I saw her. She had the look of someone who's seen a lot over the years. I think the black and white really highlights the weathered look in her face.'
'I took this photo in Iceland in April 2015. Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice- the reflection of the sunset against the icebergs resembles fire at a first glance!' - Jason Keelan
Gannets Playtime on the Saltee Islands, by Andy McDonnell. 'This pair of gannets teased each other and played with the feather for several minutes, unaware they were being watched!'
'I had just bought my first DSLR camera the day before and this was one of the first photographs I had taken with it,' says Maja Todorovic. 'It was January 2011 and I was visiting my sister in London. That morning was exceptionally cold and icy, but at least it was beautiful.'
2014: 'Iran, a trader in a bazaar taking some time to read (what I think is) the Koran,' says Paschal Nee
"Walking through Barcelona City on a beautiful September morning. Down every street,and around every corner is something magical to photograph,' says Ollie Gargan.
Barbary macaque, Gibraltar. 'It was amazing holiday destination, says Liudmila LM

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