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Travel - Global village: Jennifer's bliss in Bora Bora

Annual tradition: Holidaying in Bora Bora for actress Jennifer Aniston
Annual tradition: Holidaying in Bora Bora for actress Jennifer Aniston
The Champ Survival Sidekick
Kim Kardashian

Anna Coogan

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux apparently enjoyed their honeymoon in Bora Bora so much that they now want to make holidaying there an annual tradition.

What is it about the Polynesian island which could have so seduced the Hollywood A-lister and her new husband? It could be the island's lush tropical slopes and valleys filled with hibiscus, or the white sandy beaches that give way to emerald waters where coloured fish swim around coral gardens.

Bora Bora lies just northwest of Tahiti, and less than an hour away by plane from Papeete. The flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti takes just over seven hours.

It could also be the fact that most of the island's resort hotels are built on their own tiny island - or motu - and visits elsewhere must be arranged by boat transfer. There's a permanent population of around 9,000 inhabitants, and about 5,000 live in the main town of Vaitape.

Just what you need in a tight spot

This multi-purpose torch may well appeal to former girl guides or scouts out there who believe in upholding the motto of always being prepared to deal with, and triumph over, difficult circumstances.

The Champ Survival Sidekick 10-in-1 Multi-tool with Weather Radio is a single device with many emergency tools - including an AM/FM weather radio for crucial emergency weather information (should other sources be off-line) - and should you find yourself in dire circumstances, it has a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter.

It can be used for emergency mobile device charging, and has a flashlight. It also has a distress light and a compass.

It costs approx. €45.

Japan lifts the lid on toilet tradition

Japan has decided to honour the humble toilet. Toto Ltd, which is thought to be the world's largest toilet manufacturer, has opened a new museum dedicated to a century of lavatories which charts the history of the first flush to the heated seat, and on to toilets which spray warm water for rinsing.

It includes toilets which have speakers that play soothing sounds.

The new museum, which exhibits 950 products and fabricated bathrooms, is in the city of Kitakyushu.

Toto is known for its bidet-equipped Washlet series, the high-tech toilets which are common fixtures in both public and private spaces around Japan. In fact, many view them as a symbol of Japanese "know-how" and hygiene.

How to control frizzy beach hair has tips to keep hair straight in humidity. For starters, a good serum will protect hair, particularly one that contains silicone. Silicone is water-resistant and prevents humidity from entering the hair shaft, which causes hair to swell and results in frizz.

Look for a shampoo and conditioner that contain silicone, in order to further prevent frizz. Silicone may well be the secret behind Kim Kardashian's smooth beach hair.

The beauty website recommends you blow dry your hair before going out in the heat.

Because if you go outside with wet hair, your hair will soak up extra moisture in the shaft, causing the strands to swell and resulting in more frizz.

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