Wednesday 17 January 2018

Top global Gay Icons

Judy Garland
Judy Garland
Stephen Fry
Diana Ross
David Beckham
Neil Patrick Harris

Pat Fitzpatrick

As we publish the LIFE Gay Power List, here's a look at some of the most famous gay icons in the world

1 Judy Garland

Judy achieved iconic status after her appearance in The Wizard of Oz. So much so that 'friend of Dorothy' became code for homosexual in 1940s America. It didn't apply in 1940s Ireland, because there were no gays here at that time. So a foreigner asking "are you a friend of Dorothy?" would be in all kinds of trouble. "No, most of my friends are called Maureen or Gobnait. Does she have a brother Gerry in the civil service? Hang on, isn't she one of the Moriartys from back along?"

2 Neil Patrick Harris

Harris hosted this year's Oscars. It's fair to say they are not known in Los Angeles as the American Iftas. Although, in fairness, that would be pretty funny. Except, of course, nobody laughs at the Iftas. Particularly if you are in the audience, says you, bitter that you never seem to get an invite. Harris starred in the sitcom How I Met your Mother. That was known by some people as HIMYM. Everyone else called it FBWTL - Friends, But Without The Laughs.

3 Stephen Fry

Caused a social media storm when he went on The Meaning of Life and said that God is a maniac. The host, Gay Byrne, didn't ask if he meant a maniac in general, or just on the dance floor. That's because he isn't up to speed on irritating, shouty dance anthems. Lucky Gaybo. Some people are surprised that a posh Brit like Stephen is popular over here. But you know the way Irish people are - we can't resist a massive Fry. Sorry.

4 David Beckham

Some say that Beckham is a big hit with the gay community because he has a sense of style. We say he does a lot of hot photo shoots in his skimpy jocks, and 'gay' has a meaning other than 'pleasant demeanour'. Some people reckon Beckham was the first guy to break away from the macho, hetero world of English soccer. We reckon they've never seen those old photos of whole teams drinking Champagne naked in the giant bath at Wembley. That's not entirely un-gay.

5 Diana Ross

Most people realise that her hit, Chain Reaction, is full of double entendres. Unless you think the line "you let me hold you for the first explosion" is about a nuclear power plant. In which case, our guess is you actually work in one. Nuclear physicists - they never get the nooky. Those were innocent days. Now you have songs that go: "I'm horny - horny, horny, horny." If you think that is about a bull with a cute nickname, we actually give up.

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