Sunday 18 February 2018

Top Five... Celebrity restaurateurs

The brothers Kearney: Rob and Dave
The brothers Kearney: Rob and Dave
Ryan Giggs
Britney Spears
Naomi Campbell
Gordon D'Arcy

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Sarah Caden talks to model and restaurant owner Yomiko, we take a look at celebrities who invested in the hospitality industry.


Rugby hunks Rob and Dave are among the owners of D4 gastropub, The Bridge. The food is fast and gorgeous. And so are the owners, says you, chasing them around The Bridge like an eejit in the hope of getting a selfie. A gastropub is a bar where you can have pints at lunchtime without people thinking you are an alcoholic. Some traditional rural pubs are also taking dramatic steps to improve their food. Like giving you two extra Hunky Dorys with your toasted special. Extravagant.


Another rugby player with a gastropub in Dublin. A gastropub is a good fit for Irish rugby players. Your GAA lads would be more inclined to back a place that serves a ham sandwich and a pint of milk. Look, maybe that's a tired old stereotype. Make that a ham sandwich and a low-fat pint of milk. The rugby players seem more inclined to go into business. They are obviously hungrier after their upbringing on tough council estates, said nobody, ever.


She fronted the Fashion Cafe in New York with Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson. A restaurant associated with supermodels - what could possibly go wrong? "Hey, waiter, I'll have whatever the people who front this place have for lunch." "Ok, here's a glass of water, but there is no smoking in here." "Waiter, I'll take what you say with a pinch of salt." "They call that dinner." "Your jokes are wafer thin." "This is too easy."


Her association with New York eatery Nyla ended after six months. Let's face it, Britney has had marriages that lasted longer than that. But not a lot. In contrast to that, Britney has enjoyed some fantastic success on the fragrance front. She certainly managed to cash in on the obsession with celebrity perfumes. The world is full of young people who are happy to buy up all the products endorsed by their heroes. They have less money than scents. Ah stop.


Giggsy owns Cafe Football along with former United pal Gary Neville. They don't overdo the footballing cliches. But they do close their doors, at the end of the day. Sorry. We hope they didn't bother putting up iconic photos of modern-day footballers. Who wants to eat dinner looking at a naked picture of a 21-year-old millionaire, that he sexted to a B-lister on Hollyoaks. Put down your hand, you gobshite. It was a rhetorical question.

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