Thursday 13 December 2018

'They're the pest that cause the highest number of illnesses' - country's fly population rising in heatwave

There are simple ways to protect your home from a fly infestation, according to Rentokil. Photo: Deposit
There are simple ways to protect your home from a fly infestation, according to Rentokil. Photo: Deposit
The house fly Photo: Deposit

As Ireland’s heatwave continues, the country’s fly population is reaching peak levels.

The life cycle of flies (usually seven to ten days) speeds up as temperatures rise, and flies reach adulthood quicker.

Flies bring with them the increased risk of food contamination, which can lead to upset stomach and a variety of nasty illness.

And pest control firm Rentokil says there has been a rapid growth in fly population numbers during the heatwave.

Rentokil’s Dr. Colm Moore said: “The growing popularity of eating out and travelling during summer months, combined with poor hygiene, can contribute to the increased incidents with these pests.”

“If a small fly problem is left uncontrolled, it has the potential to turn into a serious infestation.”

One fly can produce 1,000 eggs in its lifetime, Dr Moore said.

“Of all pests, flies are also responsible for causing the highest number of illnesses, even more than rodents and cockroaches,” he added.

In Ireland, a common cause of diarrhoea is from a family of bacteria known as Campylobacter, which can be transmitted by flies.

Here are 11 ways to protect your home from a fly infestation:

•         Ensure that kitchen doors are closed at all times

•         Keep all bins covered and have a suitable number of bins to match your waste requirements

•         After dark, keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains

•         Install fly screens, particularly on windows near kitchen and waste areas, to prevent flies from entering the home in the first place

•         Always cover food so as not to attract flies but also to reduce the spread of diseases - flies spread diseases by landing on food before we eat it

•         Clean up food and liquid spillages immediately

•         Clean food debris from under kitchen appliances

•         Keep compost enclosed and covered

•         Keep drains cleaned and clear from debris

•         Clean up after pets - not only are faeces the perfect breeding place for flies but also somewhere a fly may land before landing on your food!

•         Check your roof for old birds’ nests as they can be a source of flies, amongst other pests.

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