Sunday 19 November 2017

Their greatest strength is our weakness

Survivors: Two wounded women pictured in Brussels airport after Tuesday's attack.
Survivors: Two wounded women pictured in Brussels airport after Tuesday's attack.
Sentence: Footballer Adam Johnson.
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

For most Europeans, this Easter weekend will be dominated by one topic of conversation - the realisation that the Brussels attacks weren't an isolated incident, but are simply the latest in an escalating wave of bombings which now qualifies as an organised, orchestrated campaign.

You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows and this wind has become a storm - one which threatens not just the security but the very fabric of Europe.

Within hours of Tuesday's latest Islamist atrocity, which left 34 dead and hundreds seriously injured, there were dire warnings that people should be careful about congregating in large numbers; that airline security checks were going to increase to the extent that people would now face their first inspection outside the terminal and Uefa even admitted that this summer's Euros may be played behind closed doors.

Because of the religiously inspired death-cult fanaticism of Europe's Islamic extremists, we may well have to completely re-evaluate and change how we go about our daily business.

Even worse, the smoke had yet to clear from the bomb in the metro station when the usual useless idiots and Islamic apologists were out in force.

The attacks were a reaction against Western Imperialism, we were told. They were revenge for intervention in Syria (despite the fact that Russia has killed innumerably more civilians) or, my favourite, they were the actions of a 'disenfrachised, abandoned sector of society' - as if growing up in a sink estate is an obvious reason to slaughter strangers.

Even more predictable was the virtue signalling from the chin-stroking bien pensants of Irish society who were quick to express their first concern - a potential growth in Islamophobia.

For a class of people who like to think they are more spiritually evolved than the rest of us, the bleeding hearts of the Left seem utterly devoid of any moral centre whatsoever.

How can anyone with any sort of moral compass look at the blasted, burned and mangled bodies of 34 people and immediately start fretting about something which hasn't happened yet?

This is the reactionary cowardice at the heart of the modern progressive - it's easier to spout guff about imaginary, future transgressions than it is to point the finger of blame at the real cause - radical Islam and its apologists in Europe who have allowed it to flourish.

Then, taking the art of counter-intuitive nonsense to supreme heights, we had people saying this is proof that we need to take in more Syrian refugees - conveniently ignoring all the links to Syria shared by the attackers in both Paris and Brussels.

All the touchy feely nonsense about us 'not being at war with Islam' ignores the rather obvious fact that plenty of them are at war with us, and no matter how deeply people may stick their head in the sands, that's not going to change any time soon. Europe as we know it has already changed beyond recognition as Germany, for the third time in a century, has ruined the continent.

Isis have promised to flood Europe with thousands of fighters hidden in the torrent of refugees so surely it's time to set up a safe haven in North Africa and process applications there, rather than allowing everyone in and simply hoping for the best.

Europe is a sinking ship and we need sinking ship rules - women and children first, no men of military age need apply.

London, Paris, Brussels, Cologne - all of them are coming to a town near you.


Who is  smarter? There's a ­silly question

So, a new survey has come which aims to finally end the age-old argument about who is smarter - atheists or the faithful? According to researchers in Oregon, not only are atheists smarter than those who believe in a god, but they are also more likely to be  psychopaths.

I must admit to being rather baffled by the psychopath bit.

After all, I'm a perfectly happy little atheist and I don't have any particularly murderous urges - well, most of the time, anyway.

I've learned over the years that not only is arguing about religion pointless, but completely misses the point - people will behave according to their personality types regardless of their beliefs and those beliefs are product of their personality, not the the other way around.

What we have here is, to quote the great Cool Hand Luke, a failure to communicate.

After all, I've met atheists who are just as smug and unbearably intolerant as their religious brethren. In fact, I remember telling one fellow non-believer that my grandmother had lost her faith in the months before her death and I thought that was tragic. He, on the other hand, argued that it was a good thing because "she had finally seen the light".

It was a remarkably arrogant attitude to have towards someone who had lost the last crutch she had, and my acquaintance didn't seem to realise that he had just behaved with exactly the kind of obnoxious moral certitude as those religious believers he so likes to sneer at.

And that's the lesson - some people are just eejits, regardless of their beliefs - it has nothing to do with god.

Happy Easter...


Sentence: Footballer Adam Johnson.

As Adam Johnson gets sent down for six years for grooming an impressionable 15-year-old, few of us will shed any tears. It was a disgusting abuse of power and he deserves his sentence. But he is not a paedophile. What Johnson did was a classic case of too much money and time combined with no impulse control and an overbearing arrogance that  created a situation where a multimillionaire footballer, who had no shortage of eager young women throwing themselves at him, chose to exploit a teenager.

The fact that he had even Googled the age of consent removed any doubt about his knowledge of his victim's age, but you cannot, in any rational terms, compare what he did to paedophilia, which, lest we forget, is the rape and violation of a pre-pubescent child.

Of course, that tag at least gave one red top the opportunity to splash a picture of Johnson by a swimming pool with the immortal headline 'Paedo in his Speedos', but such is the moral panic surrounding the issue, anyone who points out that 'paedophile' is simply an inaccurate term is immediately accused of being a weirdo and a pervert.

Johnson is indeed a weirdo and pervert, but lumping him into that category is simply wrong.

Still, he has six years to worry about the semantics...

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