Friday 19 January 2018

The would-be MP who wants adultery to be made a crime

Consensus politics, ain't ya just sick of it?

We don't really do genuine ideology in our mainstream political parties.

In the States, we have Republican versus Democrat, which at least provides two distinct views. Even in Britain, where the main parties seem to spend their time racing to the centre ground, there are still fundamental differences between Tory and Labour.

In the Republic of Ireland, however, even the left-wing groups are virtually indistinguishable from each other and we have yet to really see someone of vision who has a clear and unapologetic agenda.

Maybe we should cast our gaze enviously up north where Susan Anne White is hoping to be elected as MP for West Tyrone. Susan, or 'Sue', as I imagine nobody has ever called her, has some firm opinions.

She wants to ban the gay, make adultery a crime and, most importantly, she also wants to ban rock music on the grounds that: "It promotes anarchy and drug use," which surely means Ms White is listening to better music than most of the bland, neutered nonsense that we hear on the radio these days.

She also has a problem with those feminists who insist on, you know, having a job.

Interestingly, she says that she is not an 'extremist' and, don't you know, is a 'friend to the homosexual community,' which brings up two immediate issues.

First, I imagine gay people could do without friends like her. Also, if she's not an extremist, does that mean there are people out there who go too far even for her?

Norn Iron - sure it's like a different country at times.

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