Thursday 23 November 2017

The thing is... Your 30 second guide to everything: Gardening

Gardening is well-known to be soothing
Gardening is well-known to be soothing

Emily Hourican

What: Gardening. Any sort, from tinkering with bits of pot plants on a deck or windowsill, right up to Michael Heseltine-style immensely grand projects featuring walled gardens and arboretums.

Why: Because you will lose weight, reduce stress, cholesterol and blood pressure, and decrease depression. Gardening is well-known to be soothing and mind-expanding; a simple something that makes us healthier, happier and more positive. Because the hype is right for once, this really does inspire good feeling. And because you will have something beautiful to look out your window at.

Why Now: Because it's summer and therefore far more fun out there than the autumn or early spring shifts, when everything is brown and dead-looking. And because some of us may be approaching the age when gardening, mysteriously, assumes the kind of appeal that drugs and early houses once had.

How: There are two answers to this: on the one hand, you can just get out there with a basic set of gardening tools, and start digging and scraping, using trial and error as a guiding principle: what lives, what dies. Or, you can bend your most creative energies into creating a living, growing work of art and sculpture that might even be best appreciated by generations to come.

Who: Diarmuid Gavin, Nicole Farhi, Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman and Prince Charles (something of a patron saint of gardens...) among a host of others. Gywneth Paltrow, by the looks of things (her Goop site is selling goatskin gardening gloves for $45).

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