Saturday 24 August 2019

'The porch collapsed on my husband's head and the landlord just laughed'

Forties Name: Patricia Lanney

Patricia Lanney (42) has seen both sides of the rental divide as both a landlord and tenant.

She rented out an apartment in Tallaght, Co Dublin and says the place was wrecked by some of the tenants.

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As a tenant living in a house in neighbouring Kingswood with her husband, she herself had an unhappy experience with a landlord. After the landlord refused to pay back a €1,000 deposit, she took a case to the Residential Tenancies Board and won on appeal.

"We never had a good relationship with the landlord from the first couple of months.

"I couldn't believe how filthy it was when we moved in. The flooring was popping up in areas. There was chewing gum stuck on things.

"There were holes in the walls in the bathroom. The shower was leaking and there were holes in the ceiling.

"There was an old weather porch - and my husband closed it one day when he was going out to work and it fell on his head.

"When I rang the landlord, she just started laughing. If anything went wrong in the house and you called her, she could get quite abusive.

"After a few years we stopped calling her because of the abuse we got.

"Tenants are afraid that if they ring the landlord too much, he or she will decide to get rid of them.

"There is also the privacy issue. You are always on tenterhooks in case the landlord turns up.

"The neighbours told us that the landlord used to come around when we were on holidays and peep in the window.

"In March of last year, she gave us notice to leave, because she said she was selling the place.

"We left the place immaculate, and we thought we would have no problem getting the deposit back.

"She said we were not getting the money back."

After an appeal before the Residential Tenancies Board, she got her deposit back, plus €300 damages.

She and her husband are now living back in her family home with her father.

They are now searching for a home to buy.

"I think a lot of people are moving back to their family homes because the situation is so bad.

"There is no way that I am going to rent again after my experiences."

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