Sunday 25 February 2018

The one thing you need to do to get a peaceful night's sleep

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Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Do you struggle to switch off at night but wake up exhausted?

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Chances are, it’s down to this one thing.

If you want a peaceful night’s sleep, you’ve got to ditch your phone.

It’s no secret that our phones can keep us up at night. It’s just too easy to sit in bed playing Candy Crush for three hours.

But why else should we leave our phones behind when it comes to getting some shut eye?

Firstly, the blue-spectrum light from our phones mimics that of daytime light and tricks us into thinking we’re awake, holistic psychiatrist Ellen Vora told MBG.

This makes it immensely more difficult to switch off as our brains are secreting hormones to prevent us from falling asleep.

Phones can also be a major cause of stress, due to their constant buzzing and notifications. Sleep and relaxation is interrupted with each notification, which are picked up as stressors by the body.

Knowing that you’ve dozens of unread emails or receiving a call from your boss at midnight does not equate to sleeping soundly.

Lastly, many of the activities we do on our phone, such as scrolling through Instagram and playing games, are designed to keep us hooked. They’re a sure fire way to prevent yourself from nodding off as you can never get enough of them.

Many of us know all too well the situation of picking up your phone to reply to a text message and two hours later finding yourself wide awake looking at pictures of dogs in sombreros.

So take your phone out of your bedroom and put it on “do not disturb mode” with notifications turned on for important contacts, or turn it off all together and give family and friends your home phone number in case of emergencies.

Sleep never sounded so good.

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