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The loves of my life: Tracy Clifford


Tracy Clifford
Tracy Clifford

Elle Gordon

The 2fm DJ chats about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

A formidable, kind, wise, fun-filled party loving woman whom we lost recently. My gorgeous Granny Clare.

The memory

Our family parties every Christmas. Aunts and uncles fly in from the US and UK every December. I have quite a big family, and still love our get-togethers.

The moment of the day

Going on air at 1pm each day in 2fm. I work with a great team. We have a laugh, and I get to play tunes to Ireland. It's pretty cool.

The song

Underworld - Two Months Off. The extended nine-minute version. It makes me happy.

The movie

Searching For Sugar Man. I love a great music doc. If you haven't seen it, do not google it, as you'll spoil it. Oasis: Supersonic is eye-opening, too.

The hero

People who dedicate their lives to helping others, like Fr Peter McVerry. All the children, parents and care workers in the LauraLynn Children's Hospice in Dublin. The care they give is outstanding. If you would like to support the hospice, you can buy the 2fm U2 album, Joshua Tree - New Roots; it's available on iTunes now.

The book

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. It's non-fiction, and always has the answers. It's become a bit of a bible.

The outfit

I want to say my heels and Saturday-night glam. I do love that, but the truth is, I love my jeans and Air Max. Always will.

The accessory

My Chupi gold coin necklace; it was given to me by old colleagues.

The gadget

My phone. Because everything is on it. I use it for work. I listen to music and Shazam a lot. I scroll endlessly for hours on mindless Instagram pages, because I'm nosy by nature. An ex-boyfriend wrote a poem about how much attention I gave it compared to him. I think he was trying to tell me I had a problem.

The pet hate

Meanness. In both senses of the word. I'm not a fan of people being the opposite of nice to each other, and I also don't like 'scabs' - the Dublin term for people who are tight with money.

The friend

I'm a very lucky girl, as I'm blessed with a core group of very brilliant, yet very different, girls. But I have to shine a light on my wonderful friend Anita Ward, who rounded up all my best girlfriends for a surprise party for me last year - when I really needed it.

The beauty product

My lip gloss. It's called Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory. It tingles, but it's the best plumper out there.

The holiday

As a destination, I'd have to say Cuba. It's raw and wild. But for tradition and memories, I'd choose my annual trip to Ibiza with my pals.

The piece of advice

Last year, I read a sentence that struck a chord with me - 'Hurt people hurt people'. It has really helped me understand us, as humans, a bit better.

The celebrity

I think Michael D is like Ireland's beloved uncle. Worldwide, it's Michelle Obama. I think she is a force for good. And I think she would be a great agony aunt. If she and Barack split, I would lose all faith in the world. Just like I did when Brad and Jen split.

The drink

I should say tea, because I am very particular about how it's made. But then again, I'm fussy about how a margarita is made, too! It has to have white tequila and fresh lime juice.

The hotel

I judge hotels by their pillows. Hotel Estherea in Amsterdam wins the European pillow award. Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny wins the Irish one.

The bar

The Gravediggers in Glasnevin; and Ukiyo in the city centre for tunes.

The hobby

Diving under water and swimming for 40 minutes. It's especially gorgeous when you get the pool in the gym to yourself. It truly is my bliss.

The part of my body

My smile. Because without it, I look really cranky.

The virtue

I think it's really important to encourage people, and show them that they can achieve anything they want in their life.

The vice

Always thinking I need something new for a night out.

The smell

The scent of suntan lotion. Whatever the brand, that coconut smell means good times.

The taste

I love the taste of soft-boiled eggs, which I have for breakfast every morning. I add a pinch of salt, and then I'm set up for the day.

Universal Music Ireland & 2FM have just released The Joshua Tree - New Roots, an 11 track studio collection which sees some of Ireland's most outstanding musical talent cover songs from U2's seminal Grammy Award-winning album 'The Joshua Tree'. The Joshua Tree - New Roots will raise funds for LauraLynn, Ireland's Children's Hospice and is out now.

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